First week in your new apartment

Photo by  Dallas Reedy  on  Unsplash
  • Order furniture from places that do {free} delivery.

    • You may think you're saving money by bringing it home yourself, but dude, you'll hate yourself.

  • People leave free stuff and furniture on the street at the very end and beginning of the month.

  • Buy bed bug spray to put on things you find on the street.

  • Do not try to bring large pieces of furniture on the subway.

    • Especially not a couch or mattress.

Photo by  Adelin Preda  on  Unsplash
  • Mattresses are the one thing you do not want to buy used.

  • If there are any community events or block parties - GO TO THEM.

    • Don't feel awkward as the new person.

    • Use it as an opportunity to seem friendly and then you can ask "stupid" questions  before it's 3 months in and you still don't know where to put recyclables…

  • Say hi to people in your building and introduce yourself.

    • You’re not being weird by saying hi.

    • After time goes by, you can't play the "new" card anymore and people will ignore you and you probably won't be invited to things.

    • It’s good to know a few people in your building if you ever need to borrow a tool for something.

  • First investment when moving in the Summer needs to be a fan and a mattress. (even if it’s a blow up mattress)

    • Even though you're trying to save money, NYC job searching is already stressful enough, and it's gonna be 10x worse if you have sit in a 100 degree apartment and sleep in it.

    • It's a small thing that will destress you and help you focus on what you need to do.

Photo by  Radu Florin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash

  • Get a screwdriver and a hammer - most things need it to assemble.

    • If you don’t have a hammer, you can use a soup can. But you really should get a screwdriver.

  • Dollar Tree has everything for literally $1.

    • Buy some small essentials for when you first move in.

  • Low maintenance living list: (like for the first week while you get stuff)

    • Fan

    • 1 plate

    • 1 fork

    • 1 cup

    • toilet paper

    • dish soap

    • 1 sponge

    • 1 dish rag

    • deodorant

    • 1 pillow

    • 1 pan

    • 1 spatula

  • A goodnight sleep is so important in general, but especially when you're trying to be on your A game.

    • You NEED to be motivated to survive in a new place. And if you're exhausted, and your body is sore every day you're not gonna do as good of a job