Getting Started

Find information for each phase of the post grad transition:

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at this checklist:

□ List of references
□ If I am moving to a new location - a date is picked
□ My online portfolio has relevant work (if applicable)
Professional email created seperate from .edu
□ My Linkedin summary is filled out
□ Updated headshot in Linkedin and profile
□ A plan to tackle student loans

□ I know where I’m going to live the summer after graduation.
□ Updated resume
Spreadsheet for job applications
□ 3-5 people to reach out to in my industry
Linkedin updated with relevant experience
□ A budget
□ An idea of which industries I’m interested in

Who is this guide for?

CONVERGE is specifically for recent college graduates and upperclassmen that are preparing/experiencing for the post grad life. This guide follows a more “traditional” path, but is NOT the only option.

Alternative post grad options:

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