Where are you starting your post grad life?

Photo by  Christine Roy  on  Unsplash

Before you can dive into all the details of finding a job and building a life, you need to figure out where. The place you live after graduation will affect your job search, finances, relationships with people, and overall experience.

There is not a correct answer of where you’re supposed to go or for how long because everyone has different circumstances. Many people switch between different cities and their hometown or collegetown.

There can be a big pressure to move to a big city right away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the right choice for everyone.

Living at home is becoming less stigmatized and can be the best option for some if there are job opportunities nearby, family obligations, or you just want to save money before moving out.

Photo by  Tom Rumble  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tom Rumble on Unsplash

Check out this cost of living calculator.

  • Questions to ask yourself

    • What are my top 3 places I would want to live?

    • Why do I want to move?

    • Do I want to be living in the same place in a year?

    • Where do I want to build my career longterm?

    • How much money do I have saved for this?

    • How long could my money last me without a job?

    • Am I willing to get a part time job?

    • Am I willing to change my habits in order to sustain this new life?

    • Who do I know that is already there?

    • Is there anyone I could crash with for a few days?

    • Do I know anyone I could potentially live with as a roommate?

Living at home was a good choice for me because I’m fortunate enough to have the option to do so and it’s close to my job
— Mike V. '18