Making Friends in a new city

It can be really scary to move to a new city and know nobody. But millions of people experience it every year, and it could end up being the best decision you make.

  • The first thing to acknowledge is that it can suck - but you can’t quit.

    • You might feel lonely for a few months, you might regret moving here, but that won’t last, and you will make friends.

    • You’re used to being in college, surrounded by similar aged people at your fingertips, so it is natural that such a drastic change will feel weird. But you can’t quit because you’re afraid it’s not going to work.

  • Go to and find an interest group.

    • Surround yourself with people who love doing things the same things as you. Give yourself a place you can look forward to going to.

  • Go to a bar or restaurant and sit at the bar.

    • Strike up a conversation with the person next to you. It might feel scary if you’ve never done it before, but most likely they will be open to chat.

  • Use “I’m new in town and don’t know many people” to your advantage.

    • Thousands of people are transplants and have experienced not knowing anyone - they get it.

    • More times than not, they will be open to talking with you, inviting you somewhere, or giving suggestions for events and activities.

  • Think about old friends that are in the area that you might have lost touch with, reach out to them!

  • Ask your circle of friends from back home if they know anyone in your new city that they could introduce you to.

Making friends 65 Converge
  • Don’t be in a huge rush to make 50 friends. Find 2-3 people you genuinely like and work on those relationships.

  • If you’re feeling burnt out from too much networking and socializing, take a pause.

  • If you’re not going out on the weekends, that is OK.