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Letter From Elena

Hey hey! I’m Elena and I created CONVERGE to give you all the information and secrets about what to do after college. I'm a UX and Product Designer by day, post-grad mentor by night.

You just spent years studying and can probably crank out a 40-page essay in 12 hours, but have no idea what a deductible is, how to wow hiring managers, or even how to move to a city where you know no one  — I get it, I’ve been there.

When I graduated, I started realizing that there are so many things about being a functioning adult that were never taught to us.

I created this guide to save you lots of time and headaches from finding answers to your questions about everything: both job and life-related.

This is a no-BS place; I’ll be transparent about the good and bad parts of life after college. No #adulting or #girlboss here— just conversations, tips, and candid stories. There’s gonna be some tough days ahead, but you're not alone.

Let’s stick together and make your life easier.

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