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Converge was created to make your life easier, less stressful, and give you some damn answers about what to do after college.

Converge launched as a passion project. It went from a Facebook post → Google doc → website
People that have used the website so far
Of cost for you to get your questions answered

When I graduated college...

I knew how to identify deer tracks and use the quadratic formula.
I didn't know what a health insurance deductible was, what to ask realtors about new apartments, how to negotiate, or what a ROTH IRA is.
I had more coffee dates than I could count, but I felt like I was going in circles, asking the same generic questions. I had worked for 3 years as a peer career advisor and became the “go-to” career girl, fielding questions about resumes, interviewing, and general job search information. I realized that there’s a huge gap in information when it comes to life after college.
College and university had prepared us for very industry-specific things, but we lacked “real-life” skills like negotiation, personal finance, personal branding, and general career development.
It felt like a wild goose chase finding answers spread out among hundreds of sites on Google.
Thus, CONVERGE was born.  
Please note: Many of the resources in this guide are geared more towards full-time work, but can be applied in other situations as well.
Since I've become a UX designer, most of my projects have been either contract or freelance. I'll be adding freelance tips in the next release.
Lucky for you, I’m a nerd for this stuff. I genuinely love career development and it all comes fairly naturally to me. So, why not share that knowledge and experience with all of you?
For three years I worked as a Peer Career Advisor at the Ithaca College Career Center. I've undergone formal training for all areas of job hunting and have reviewed hundreds of resumes, portfolios, cover letters, and mock interviews.
As I was gearing up to graduate, I went really intense at the whole networking thing. I have since simmered down, but I've been on 100+ networking dates, attended 75+ events, participated as both mentee and mentor in a few programs, and served as a guest speaker at conferences, events, and a podcast.
Converge is all the knowledge I've collected by either doing, seeing, listening, or reading.
My goal for this resource and community is to share all the information I’ve learned and experienced and put them all into one, accessible, place for you to use – to save you headaches, hours of uncertainty and anxiety, and a boatload of money.
Of course, do your due diligence, talk to people, ask the questions, do the work; but use Converge as a tool to get started, find actionable steps to take, or to serve as a reminder that you have support on your side.
How do I make friends in a new city? What if I can’t find a job? What if I can’t afford rent? What do I say to employers without sounding desperate? How soon after an interview should I follow up?
If you’ve ever had any of those questions, this guide is for you.

Converge Values

Transparency and Honesty

This is a no B.S. place. I won't sugarcoat things or give you false hope. I believe that setting realistic expectations is the best way to help someone enter a new phase of life.


I want to bring people together. It can feel very lonely navigating something new. This guide is meant to be shared. Events and programs are here for people to meet. The topics covered are made to start a conversation.


This guide isn't to help you scrape by - it's to support you in building a life you're excited to be in and deserve to have.


Nothing is one size fits all. I have many tips and resources because I know that we all come from different backgrounds and privileges - so there needs to be options. People need space to do different things, and I want to embrace that here.

Special Kudos

Peter Pham

Anele UX Mentorship Assistant and UX Designer

Heyo! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

I'm Peter, a self-taught UX/Product Designer from the DMV (Maryland) who nerds out over collaborating with diverse teammates, emerging tech, and social impact. My interests are in B2C work as an IC (individual contributor) in industries like travel, food, gaming, and tech. I've worked with Elena on her UX design mentorship program under Anele and contributed to the UX strategy/user research/IA/Webflow development of the Converge website. Currently working as an Interaction Designer at Code and Theory, a design agency based in NYC.

We've has made the coolest freakin' post-grad resource guide you've ever seen! I hope we can continue to produce 10/10 quality content for as long as possible :)

Olivia Cheng

UX Designer

I'm a self-taught UX Designer who is constantly defining what impact means to me. I prize storytelling and clarifying communication in my process in order to align stakeholders and team members.

In my free time, I'm currently getting my feet wet in the dance and surf community.

Look and Feel

Claire Sorosky - Illustrations
Olivia Cheng - UX Strategy
Zack Gort - Logo
Tyler Finck - Epilogue Font

Guest Contributors

Amber Jared - Advertising and Strategy
Olivia Truong - UX Resource List
Gigi Rodgers - Zoom Protocol


Gina Alvarez
Bri Creech
Kim Walsh
Cory Ott
Alina Balean
Dianne Eberhardt
Caryanne Keenan
Jhonny Perez
Christine De Michele
Annie Kluger
Kathryn Hartman
JoAnn Castillo
Barrett Smith
Mallory Haskins
Don Hodgkinson

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