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Moving in with a New Roommate


At the start, set clear expectations so everyone’s on the same page about rent, cleaning and guests.


At the start, set clear expectations so everyone’s on the same page about rent, cleaning and guests.

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Moving in with a New Roommate


  1. Before agreeing to live together, have a conversation about preferences and habits to make sure you’re compatible

    You don’t need to have the same habits but figure out what you’re okay with (cleanliness, like bringing our friends, parties in the apartment, pets, smoking, cooking habits, significant others, homebody).

    Some people can be best friends but terrible roommates because they don’t align - make sure you check so you don’t ruin any friendships.

  2. If it’s a random roommate, meet them in person, or video call to get a general vibe of who they are

    Trust your gut. Don't feel guilted into living with someone just because you don't want to hurt their feelings. Trust your gut.

  3. Determine who will take the bigger room and what it will cost

    Finances always complicate things, so be on the same page from the start of what costs what.

  4. Agree on realistic cleaning schedules - when is trash day? Dishes after eating etc.

    Make sure you're on the same page of cleaning expectations to avoid conflicts.

  5. Find out if they have any allergies

    Be mindful so you don't accidentially send them on an unexpected trip to the hospital.

  6. Figure out who’s bringing what furniture & tools, and what needs to be bought

    Make a list of what you need and see who already has certain items. Here's a spreadsheet I made with my roommate.

  7. Agree on air conditioning usage so there’s no conflict if there are expensive bills in the Summer

    Air conditioning is expensive and causes lots of arguments. Do you turn it off at night? During the day? Make sure you are openly communicative about it.

  8. Share what COVID preferences they have, if any

    Really important to be on the same page or at least a mutual agreement of what you'll do at home.

  9. Figure out how rent will be paid

    Is one person the point of contact and the others venmo? Do you all submit payments to the landlord?

  10. Get on the same page about guest policy

    How often is too much to be bringing over a significant other? Do you want a heads up before guests come over?


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