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Making Friends


Don't be afraid to invite someone to get lunch or attend an event with you.


Don't be afraid to invite someone to get lunch or attend an event with you.

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Making Friends


  1. Focus on making 2-3 solid friends first

    Don’t be in a rush to build a circle of 30 friends.

  2. Find local classes and volunteer opportunities to find people with similar interests

    Check out this page to find events to attend

  3. Use “I’m new in town and don’t know anyone yet” to your advantage if you meet someone. Ask for recommendations

    Say "I don't know many people yet, would you be interested in checking out _____?"

  4. Think of old friends that may be in the area that you lost touch with that you may reconnect with

    Even if they were just acquaintances, people from the past can be great links to stronger friendships

  5. Ask friends, family, people on social media if they could make any introductions for you

    Let people know that you just moved! You can post on social media or message people notifying them that you moved and would appreciate any introdutions

  6. Don’t burn yourself out by trying to make friends too quickly

    It’s not going to be as easy as college, so be patient.

  7. Join pickup and club sports teams

    Google "Pick up sports." Here are some other websites or apps (I haven't used them yet):

    My Social Sports, Volo Sports, Zog Sports

  8. Hanging out with coworkers after work

    Even if you don't drink, you can check out an event after work, or head to happy hour

  9. Check out events on bulletin boards and go to them

    Invite them! Take initative and see if they'd like to attend events with you. It's easier to have an event in place if you feel awkward just hanging out with them.

  10. Don’t be shy to invite new people you meet to grab lunch or attend an event


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