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Transit in NYC


Never stop in front of the stairs or subway doors


Never stop in front of the stairs or subway doors

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Transit in NYC


  1. Buy a monthly MTA pass and put a calendar reminder to refill every month

    Here's everything you need to know about MTA passes

  2. At night and weekends there’s lots of construction, some lines will turn local or require you to take a bus shuttle

    Be flexible and don't get upset if this happens.

  3. Assume buses and trains might be late so plan accordingly. Plan 30 minutes extra before important meetings

    Bring a book or podcast to keep you busy.

  4. When doors open on the subway, let people off before you go on. Stand on the right side of escalators so people can walk by

    Golden rule in New York, don't get in people's way.

  5. If the train is crowded, put your backpack or bag at your feet

    Minimize space so others can fit.

  6. Don’t ride the subway alone late at night

    After a night out, it might be best to Uber/Lyft if you can afford it. Share your location with your friends.

  7. Know the difference between Express and Local stops

    Express stops skip local stations so it’s a faster journey. On the MTA map, they are white dots and locals are black dots.

  8. Most stations have multiple exits - figure out which is best to take

    Use apps like City Mapper that will tell you which exit is best. If you become a subway master, you’ll figure out where on the platform to stand so you exit at the next station in the best exit ;)

  9. Know the limits of the "unlimited" pass

    Your unlimited pass can't be swiped at the same station for at least [30 minutes] so you can’t swipe in a friend on the same unlimited pass. If you don’t have an unlimited pass, if you’re switching from one bus to another, ask the driver for a transfer slip. If you go from train to bus, your first swipe will carry over.

  10. Use the MTA app to see line updates & delays

    Get the free MTA app for the most accurate updates

    Apple store here

    Android here


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