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Finding things to do


Find a local event on a bulletin board and go, even if you don’t know anyone.


Find a local event on a bulletin board and go, even if you don’t know anyone.

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Finding things to do


  1. Sign up for a newsletter so you don’t have to do research about events

    Google local events newsletters for your city.

  2. Go to the library, Libraries are free and have millions of books, movies, music and even events

  3. Meetup.com and Eventbrite has events for any hobby or interest under the sun

    Here are other websites/apps that you can find events on

  4. Go to office happy hours

    Even if you don’t drink it’s a great way to meet new people. Invite co-workers to meet up for lunch or coffee/drink as well.

  5. Many local museums have “pay what you want” or discount days or student discounts

  6. Volunteer somewhere

    Volunteer Match is a great source to find opportunities around you

  7. Join a gym or fitness class

  8. Take an in-person or virtual class. (Learn a language, pottery, art skill, woodworking etc.)

  9. Creative Mornings has events all over the world

    Creative Mornings is a community that hones in on different kinds of creativity. They have talks, events, classes, free workshops called "Field Trips" and job postings.

    I taught a field trip about using InDesign, and haven taken workshops about: origami, making summer rolls, and personal branding.

  10. Local bulletin boards in cafes have events, classes, and activities every week

    Check out your local coffee shop, restaurants, bookstore, even some grocery stores have boards with upcoming events and classes to meet people at.


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