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Deciding Where to Move


Don’t disregard a location just because you don’t know anyone there.


Don’t disregard a location just because you don’t know anyone there.

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Deciding Where to Move


  1. Make a list of 3-5 places that interest you in living

    Don’t disregard places just because of assumed cost or lack of knowing people there.

  2. Don’t assume you “need” to move to New York City or another glamorous place

    There are so many places that are great to live. It all depends on what you want right now. Remember, nothing is permanent - you can always move again to switch things up.

  3. Ask friends or family if they know anyone in your ideal locations

    Try to talk to them and see what they love and hate about living there.

  4. Determine what your ideal mode of transportation is

    Do you already have a car? Do you prefer a walkable area? Do you want to bike to work?

  5. Look on Zillow, Facebook groups, Apartment.com, Nooklyn and other sites to see what rent would look like

    Play around with costs depending on how many roommates you’ll have.

  6. If you moved today, what budget apartment would you be able to afford each month?

    If you get a new job, would that budget change?

  7. Take a visit and go to non-touristy areas for a weekend

    Walk down a very random, residential area - how do you feel? Is it easy to navigate? How close are you to the store? Do you feel safe?

  8. Look up community groups and local events that are happening on a random week

    See what kind of activities you could partake in if you were there.

  9. Location considerations you’ll need to weigh:

    Rent, Transportation (Car, walk, public transportation, bike), General cost of living, space in your home, accessibility (will they have services if you need them), safety, do you know anyone.

  10. Remember the decision is not set in stone

    People move all the time so don’t feel pressure to pick a forever place.


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