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First Week in Your New Apartment


Set up your utilities to be on autopay.


Set up your utilities to be on autopay.

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First Week in Your New Apartment


  1. Introduce yourself to your next door neighbor or if you run into people in your building

    It will make it feel more at home and is helpful to have a familiar face nearby.

  2. If you’re moving in the summer without air conditioning, one of the first things you should buy is a fan

    You’ll thank me later. Moving while hot and grumpy is not recommended.

  3. Some cities like NYC will leave free stuff on the streets called “stooping” on the last and first days of the month

    You can get a lot of stuff to cheaply furnish your place. You can get nicer stuff later. Buy bed bug spray to use on your new treasures - always wash/wipe stuff.

    Mattresses are something you don’t want to get used

  4. Figure out where to take trash

    Find out which days trash is taken out. Do you need trash tags? Is there recycling? Where do you put it?

  5. Use TaskRabbit if you need help assembling something or with delivery or carrying furniture up the stairs

    You can hire people for individual tasks, not just moving.

  6. Make a spreadsheet of everything you need to furnish

    If there are multiple people in your apartment, assign who will own/retrieve what so you don't waste money on duplicates.

  7. Join “Buy Nothing Groups” on Facebook to get free stuff and build community

    Search "Buy Nothing *your city*" to see which groups pop up. It's basically Facebook marketplace but free. Be respectful - it is a community.

  8. Figure out which utilties are included

    Some utilities are pre-set up and included in rent, other's you're on your own. Make sure you know which places you need to pay monthly.

    You'll most likely need to handle: wifi, electricity, water, trash, parking, gas

  9. Get a screwdriver and hammer

    You’ll need this more than you realize. (I used a soup can when I didn’t have a hammer ha!).

  10. Make a game plan to pick up all larger furniture at once if you need to rent a U-Haul

    DO NOT try to take a sofa or large furniture on the subway or in Ubers.


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