I'd like to expand parts of the website to include topics that I'm not experienced in. If you are in a field or have a specialty or experience that isn't listed, I'd love to hear from you.

Topics you could talk about: Personal finance, Nontraditional career paths, freelancing, not tech careers, insurance, mental health, open to ideas

What you'll do

Write a blog post, or a content list (like what you see).

How it works

Submit topics you'd be interested in writing about. Provide any additional background or experience that gives context to why you're a great person to write this. If it's a good fit, we'll hop on a call to go over standards and align with what you want to write. After you write it, I'll proofread to make sure it aligns in the same style and Boom! It goes live on the site.

All content would be credited towards you. This is a volunteer contribution, all of the content - including my own does not generate money, it's purely to help people.

Pitch content to write

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